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Often we listen to music to take us to another place. We know every word, every beat, and every riff of our faves, and might have a song on repeat for dangerously too long. We sing our hearts out and pretend we’re on stage in our own heads even if we’re just jammin’ in our car. Cars next to us might think we’re crazy, but we can’t help it. 

If you’re like me, you have the perfect playlist for the best day ever, and one you listen to when you have to cry (is Bleeding Love now in your head? Thought so.) Music is an incredible tool, and yet using it can get a LOT harder when we’re suffering with depression, anxiety, or literally just SURVIVING this past year. 


Well, I decided that if music is going to take us somewhere, it should be farther away from the hard things. Of course, sometimes we NEED Leona Lewis to help us through a breakup or the roughest day at work. We’ll have that, I promise. But other times playing with music can help us cope with life’s everyday highs and lows in an easier way. 

As a music therapist, I don’t just use music to relate to how I’m feeling in the moment. I dig deeper and use it to express a spectrum of emotions and imaginations to cope and celebrate life’s highs and lows. But I don’t want to keep it all to myself! 

Good Treble is a place for us to set aside time to jam, chill, tap, improvise, and explore self care with guided musical exercises. In the words of Nirvana, come as you are. There’s room for everyone!


Each week, you'll get a "try this at home" way to use music in self care that takes less than 30 minutes that you can do in your OWN time. As a community, we'll have an accountability and Q&A thread each week to help support each other through this musical adventure. I’ll also create a song every month geared toward an intention suggested by the group. These might be things like relaxation, breathwork, energy boost, affirmations, etc. From TLC’s “Waterfalls” to Morisette’s “Head over Feet” we’ll have a mix of music to fit anything you’re going through.

Ready to jump in?

I truly believe this way of musicking will bring out the best in you, me, and those we nurture around us. 

This membership is perfect for:

  • The busiest music lovers who need more than a playlist
  • The planners that haven’t found time to get back to picking up their instrument or voices
  • The lost souls looking for an outlet that’s not just venting to their fed up friends
  • The shy karaoke star who needs a little bit of a confidence boost
  • The stressed, busy folks who struggle to make self care a priority
  • And anyone who needs a safe and loving musical community


A little about me: 

I've been a board certified music therapist for ten years, and a lifelong lover of music. Whether it was watching MTV, making mix tapes, music class, chorus or band, music has always been my safe space. It's been a constant help through times of anxiety and depression. 

I'm obsessed with music and how it makes the world a better place. It impacts our mind, body, and spirit. It connects us to each other, to history, to our inner selves and to our spirituality. 

I'm a lifelong learner, seeker, and child at heart. I'm an INFP/Hufflepuff combo feeling all the feels. I play six instruments regularly and love to sing. Let's feel, deal and heal together! 

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